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Feels unfinished

Not great - especially compared to the excellent "peekaboo barn". For example: * no retina graphics * no ending (endless loop) * a frog in winter?

Its a hit

If your child loves the other peek-a-boo apps they will also love this one.

Peekaboo Forest

Very disappointing. The graphics are very appealing and the sounds are good, however the interaction is very poor. The animals appear in a fixed sequence and, when you click to show an animal, the sound and name follow immediately so there is no opportunity for the child to name the animal before they are told. I bought it to use with my grandchildren but will delete it. It would just have them poking at the screen with no real learning. It doesnt provide any worthwhile learning. Too bad there is no way to try apps without buying. Its only a couple of bucks but I feel ripped off.

Love the look and the idea!

Would like to see a new version with randomization so the child is surprised and more interaction. But the graphics and sound are lovely and a nice change from other, more obnoxious preschool apps.

Pretty good

My 2.5 year old enjoys this. I think it would be better if the interaction were a bit more complex but my son doesnt seem to mind the simplicity. The illustrations and sounds are very nicely done / not garish.


My one year old daughter loves this app. I cant speak for older children, but the simple input scheme (tap anywhere on the screen to advance) allows this to be the first digital toy she has meaningful interactions with. Its also educational and beautiful, which makes it all the more pleasant to "play" it with her. (I personally find most apps aimed at toddlers to be poorly done and kind of painful.) For people complaining about the length, its true it lasts only about five minutes -- but my daughter often wants to play it a couple times in a row, and has played it almost every day for over a month. Not a bad deal for a little pleasant, quiet time together.

Educational Disappointment

Nice design does not make up for the fixed flow, limited replay value and lack of any significant educational content.

10 month old enjoys it

Works well among your arsenal of things to keep them busy when youve got to wait

Waste of money

Im very disappointed in the lack of content for an app that costs twice as much as many that have much more to offer. Its buggy, too fixed in how to interact with it, and theres barely any content at all. The preview screenshots are practically a full view. I rarely feel ripped off with apps, but this one is one I wish I could get a refund for.

Too limited

Quickly became tired of it.

Good app for toddlers

Unlike the previous two ratings, I really like this app. It is most appropriate for very young children, but my two-year-old loves to go through it over an over again. He can now guess which animal will pop up and names them all. It may not be an app for everybody, but I think its important to remember that it is labeled as a "book", not as a game. It is calming and encourages my child to focus quietly, rather than being too over-stimulating for him. The illustrations are exceptionally beautiful for an app, as well. In the original app, Peekaboo Barn, you are able to record your voice or your childs voice reading the animal names. This app does not allow for that, which is the only thing keeping me from giving it a 5-star rating.

Not worth the hype

Beautiful pictures. Crappy app. Boring for toddlers.

Regretting Purchase

Ive bought the PeekaBoo Sesame Street, Refrigerator and Barn for my 10 month old (which he LOVES!). But this one requires very fine hand movements and very controlled eye/hand coordination so its not appropriate for his age (But I think it would be boring for older children). The images dont have a wide range of colour and it announces just 3 out of 4 seasons with very bizarre music for children. Not a good addition to the PeekaBoo app series.


Nothing like peekaboo barn. Stay away

Not worth it

Not worth the cost. Doesnt keep toddlers interested and not interactive for young children. Also music is not very child friendly. Pictures are nice but dont waste your money.

Good, but…

…I WISH ITALIAN TOO! (5 stars with italian language) for child <4Y :)


...waiting for ITALIAN LANGUAGE!!! (and then 5 stars)

What happened?

This app is not as good as the barn or wild. It is really disappointing. Strongly suggest skipping this app!

Great for baby

12 month old loves it!

We love Charley Harper!

Got PABF and other apps (some by Night & Day as well) for my 1 year old and was really bummed when there was no sound. Apple didnt help and recommended contacting app developer...Dave totally helped me figure it out and now I have more sound on my iPad than I know what to do with! There is not many animals, but kids LOVE the repetition. Thanks Night & Day!

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